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I will always be transparent and accountable to our residents.

This topic has become a primary area of concern for many of us in Cypress. While I do not yet know the validity of many of the claims made against city officials, I do know that we can work together to build stronger processes with proper checks and balances. Doing so can mitigate many concerns and potential issues about transparency and conflicts of interest going forward.

I will support policies that promote openness and accountability. By working with residents, council members, and city staff, we can determine where to improve our current systems to ensure that the public is always aware of what city officials are doing.

We are all neighbors, and I will always be open to your ideas, concerns, and conversations. You will always know how I voted and why I voted how I did because I will regularly post that information on social media after each city council meeting. There is no reason why there should be any questions about what I, as your elected representative, am doing for you.


I will make sure that our tax dollars are always spent responsibly.

With its tradition of careful financial management, Cypress has been able to maintain financial stability and the level of services provided to residents, even through the recent pandemic. But there are fiscal challenges ahead, including a possible recession, current inflation, and a forecasted structural deficit in our city's budget.

In my primary occupation, I actively manage projects and budgets; I will use that experience to continue the tradition of fiscal responsibility and prudent financial management in our city. I am committed to maintaining balanced budgets, controlling costs, and being a responsible steward of taxpayer money. 

In addition, taxpayers can rest assured that I will not support tax increases. There are always alternatives to increasing taxes, such as controlling costs, modifying projects, or leveraging the private sector. 

"We must never stop working together to improve our city and to build a Cypress for everyone."


I will ensure that Cypress remains a good place to live and work, for everyone.

Although Cypress is obligated to meet state-mandated housing requirements, many residents are concerned about growth and development in the city. When these important development decisions are made, I will make sure that the process includes public input, and addresses resident's concerns about traffic and infrastructure.

Our city is known for its parks and recreation areas. They are an integral part of what makes Cypress a desirable place to live and raise a family! I am strongly committed to preserving the city’s parks and recreation facilities and ensuring access by all residents.  I will be following the Arnold Cypress Park remodel intently, to ensure that it remains on its current budget course while keeping a level of quality that everyone can be proud of.

Homelessness is a growing issue that many cities in the region are working to address. Cypress is tackling homelessness by working with service providers and neighboring communities to offer housing and other services. This item is important for us to address and a topic that is near and dear to me personally. As a community, we need to discuss potential solutions openly and honestly to find which options best fit our city. I will work with law enforcement and other partners to continue to find practical solutions.


I will do my part to ensure that Cypress remains a safe place to live and work.


We all value the low crime rates and quick-acting first responders in Cypress. I will always work to make sure that the public-safety needs of residents and businesses are being met and that our police, fire, and emergency services have sufficient resources to protect the public. 

I support policies that protect people’s rights and allow law enforcement to focus on protecting our community from violence, property crimes, and fraud. I look forward to working with our police department to ensure that effective, fair, and transparent policing services are provided in our city. 

My campaign is endorsed by the Cypress Police Officers' Association, Cypress Police Management Association, Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, and Orange County Coalition of Police & Sheriffs.

"We are all neighbors, and I will always be open to your ideas, concerns, and conversations."


I will support economic growth while preserving the unique character of our city.

Our strong and vibrant business community serves as a foundation for job creation and commerce in Cypress, and has a positive impact on the prosperity of our city. It is important for us to continue to attract new businesses and industry, and allow existing businesses to thrive. At the same time, while we have managed to flourish economically through the years, we have been able to keep our city’s friendly, small-town, suburban charm.

Since our city is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue to fund operations, growing and broadening that sales tax base is important for our long-term fiscal health. I will support policies that help our small businesses prosper and bring new ones to our city. I will work and engage with residents, city officials, and our local business community to make common-sense decisions for economic growth and expansion in Cypress. 

I promise to thoughtfully weigh economic opportunities along with the effects they may have in shaping our community in the long term. I will closely follow the efforts to modernize the Business Parks’ specific plans and the redevelopment of Los Alamitos Race Course, to make sure those projects encourage sensible growth, include public input, and address community concerns. 

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