Terry Miller for
Cypress City Council

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Terry Miller has over 20 years of experience successfully building and leading teams, setting and tracking goals, and managing projects. He understands that, in order to make the best decisions for our community and to get things done, he must be pragmatic, work with residents and city officials, and listen to constituents. He believes that by working together we can plan for the future of our city and bring a shared vision to a working reality. Terry is committed to serving the residents of Cypress openly and with integrity and to being accountable for his decisions. He promises to be a reliable and trustworthy public servant for all Cypress residents.

"I will commit to being a reliable and trustworthy public servant for all Cypress residents. We must never stop working together to improve our city and to build a Cypress for everyone."


Terry wants to continue improving our city and build a Cypress for everyone. He will prioritize openness and accountability, sound fiscal policies, thoughtful economic growth, and ensure that our city remains a good and safe place to live and work.



Our campaign is a grassroots effort. We need you to take action to get Terry elected to the Cypress City Council. Join our team and together we can win this election!